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The best school and student accident insurance is provided by SUPRA BROKERS.

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The best school and student accident insurance is provided by SUPRA BROKERS.

Group accident insurance

NNW insurance provides protection in the event of an accident involving an insured child. Conclusion of group accident insurance by educational institutions allows us to negotiate for you the largest possible scope of insurance for the lowest money possible.
School accident insurance (including sports insurance) guarantees child protection at school, as well as child insurance in kindergarten. Preschool insurance (so-called preschool accident insurance) ensures the child's safety and gives peace to its parents. If the need arises, we are able to provide individual accident insurance for each child.

We enable our clients to take out accident insurance for their children. Our daily hospital sickness insurance covers COVID-19 related events.

Individual accident insurance

School accident insurance

If your child attends sports, make sure they are safe. Remember how important it is to insure your child against accidents. Take out an insurance policy for the child.
Secure yourself and your loved ones financially. The best tool for this will be an accident policy for a child or a family accident insurance.
You can buy accident insurance without leaving your home (online - i.e. via the Internet). When concluding insurance,we review the offers of all insurers (including AXA, Link4) - similarly, the rankingomat works in a much narrower scope.

Accident insurance for the student

Accident insurance for a student is financial support and assistance for students in the event of an accident. The insurance works around the clock, in Poland and abroad.
An accident insurance contract for a student can be concluded online. By purchasing accident insurance for a student, you can also extend it to cover third party liability (OC). Liability and accident insurance for students provides the young person with maximum comfort and will protect their interests in the event of health and legal problems.
NNW student insurance for internships is as important as insurance for the period of studies. During the internship, the student may be at risk of an accident. The price of accident insurance for internships is always determined individually depending on the scope of coverage, and the amount of the premium can be adjusted to individual financial capabilities.
You can take out accident insurance for students and internships yourself or through the university. In the first case, you adjust the scope of coverage yourself to your needs. On the other hand, the student accident insurance group accident insurance offers the possibility of obtaining a lower price

Why is it worth buying an accident policy with SUPRA BROKERS:

You can buy accident insurance for school or students without leaving your home (online)

The policy covers events that occur not only on the territory of the Republic of Poland, but also abroad

Protection under the policy is provided around the clock

When concluding insurance, we review the offers of all insurers

We make sure that our clients receive an accident insurance offer with the lowest possible premium, we negotiate with insurers, in particular for group insurance

School accident insurance and / or third-party liability for a student and pupil may be extended with life insurance

under the NNW policy, in the event of an accident involving a child, the child or parent will be financially protected

The benefits of jointly recognizing accident insurance for all education and upbringing units of the local government directly show that in combination with individual accident insurance for a child they have only advantages. Lower premiums, more benefits, higher amounts of claims covered by joint insurance are also more favorable than policies concluded for one entity only.


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