Management of hospitals during an epidemic. Marcin Foryś on the role of Supra Brokers in a difficult time for the healthcare sector

Wishes for Healthcare Professionals
October 18, 2020

We constantly analyze the insurance situation of hospitals and our clients – emphasized Marcin Foryś, president of Supra Brokers S.A. during the 16th Health Market Forum.

One of the most important meetings of representatives of the health care sector in Poland this year was organized online. During the debates, experts shared their experiences in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marcin Foryś during the discussion on hospital management during the epidemic, incl. described how Supra Brokers in the new reality is trying to meet the challenges faced by health care institutions.

The president of Supra Brokers indicated that the company quickly adapted to the new situation by going online. In line with the recommendations of the Public Procurement Office, Supra Brokers launched, inter alia, a “secure tender” procedure, so that most formalities can only be completed electronically. The claims handling tasks are performed in an equally safe manner.

During the discussion, Marcin Foryś emphasized that Supra Brokers analyzes the insurance situation of hospitals on an ongoing basis and, if necessary, experts suggest, for example, the need to change the scope of insurance to meet the current needs.

It’s not everything. – Life insurance for medical personnel quickly appeared in our offer, responding to the growing demand during the pandemic. These proposals are assessed by the market as very necessary – emphasizes Marcin Foryś.

Supra Brokers experts are also active in the field of education. – We organize online trainings for medical personnel. We discuss current issues related to the pandemic, its impact on hospital operations, staff and legal aspects. We also do not forget about important issues for medical personnel, related to, for example, the problem of burnout – adds Marcin Foryś.

In the debate on hospital management during an epidemic, moderated by prof. Jarosław Fedorowski (president of the Polish Federation of Hospitals), experts representing hospitals, state administration and business took part. Everyone emphasized that hospitals are currently facing with the problem of too small number of medical personnel.


Supra Brokers is one of the largest insurance brokers in the medical sector in Poland. It serves about one third of hospitals in Poland.

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