NNW insurance for a child. Three things you should keep in mind

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June 10, 2020

Fractures, sprains or dislocations – these are the most common cases of accidents that occur in schools. In the new school year, students, parents and teachers will also face the risk of coronavirus infection. Therefore, it is worth thinking about insurance that will provide the child with the widest possible protection.

About 50-60 thousand accidents occur annually in educational institutions in Poland. Statistics published by the Ministry of Education show that such events usually take place in gyms, sports fields (PE classes) and in corridors during school breaks.

Effect? Not just bruises, sprains or fractures. There are also accidents that result in serious internal injuries, burns, or even death.

The vast majority of us certainly do not allow the thought that a serious accident “may happen to my child”. After all, it is worth realizing that the costs of treatment and rehabilitation after an accident can go up to thousands, if not tens of thousands of zlotys.


Are you sure you are ready to bear them yourself? If the answer to this question is “no”, then the solution will be Child Accident Insurance (NNW), often also referred to as school insurance.


Condition: it must be good and make sure that it will help when the need arises. Also, remember that the broker and the insurer who offer them should follow the rules set out in the “Code of Good Practices for accident insurance for children and schoolchildren” of the Polish Insurance Association (nnw24.pl meets this condition – see the box below).


The Code indicates, among others that all information and advertising materials should be understandable, not misleading, and customers should have free access to the content of the contract or the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTC).


When choosing accident insurance for a child, follow the criteria below.

Sum insured by accident insurance. Why is it important?

Simply put, the sum insured is the basic amount that the designated person (or the person – then it is divided) will receive in the event of the death of the insured person in a personal accident. This amount may, for example, be increased several times in the event of death in a traffic accident or at school.

The sum insured varies depending on the insurance option and the amount of premium paid. Take as an example the offer of Supra Brokers and TU Uniqa (available at nnw24.pl): the sum insured may be from PLN 17,000. PLN (premium: PLN 30 per year) up to PLN 80 thousand PLN (premium: PLN 120 per year).

It is obvious that none of us counts a child’s death into money – from this point of view, the sum insured does not matter. However, this amount also becomes very important in the case of fractures or sprains.

This is because the amount of compensation after the child’s accident is calculated from the sum insured: after determining the percentage of the so-called permanent health impairment after an accident is included in the sum insured.

Let’s go back to our example. In the case of 2% The “detriment” compensation may range from PLN 340 (2% x PLN 17,000) to PLN 1,600 (2% x PLN 80,000).

The sum insured is also important when calculating the amount of compensation for a child’s stay in hospital after an accident. The insurance conditions may include, for example, a provision that the insurer pays 0.4%. sums insured for each day of the child’s stay in hospital.

In our example, for example, a 6-day stay in the hospital would mean the payment of PLN 408 (PLN 17,000 x 0.4% x 6) to PLN 1,920 (PLN 80,000 x 0.4% x 6).

Insurance coverage. Double check what events are covered by the policy?

Payment of funds as a result of health detriment following injuries that occur most often, i.e. fractures, contusions or sprains – is the absolute basis when it comes to elements of the scope of accident events that are covered by school insurance.

However, to choose this good proposal, you should look for insurance that will provide the widest possible scope of coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (nnw24.pl).

You should pay attention to whether the insurer will reimburse the costs of purchasing orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment needed for your child to recover from an accident. If so, how much can the maximum payout be – will it be 10, 20 or maybe 30 percent. sums insured?

An important element of school insurance should also be provisions concerning the payment of funds for a child’s stay in hospital. In this case, it is extremely important to pay attention to the details: will the insurer pay compensation for hospital stay only if it is caused by an accident, or will you be able to count on support also when hospital treatment is required in the event of illness or even bites by insects? ?

Currently, one of the key issues is of course the possible hospital stay as a result of infection coronavirus (COVID-19) – it is worth paying attention that the insurance covers this option – this is ensured by the policy available at nnw24.pl.

If you want to find out more about the scope of insurance that your child will cover, do not hesitate to ask the broker, insurance company, school representatives about it. Above all, however, read the document called “General terms and conditions of insurance”, which will surely dispel your possible doubts.


Exclusions. Check when your insurance may not work

This is an extremely important part of any insurance. There are situations in which the insurer may refuse to pay you money. Therefore, if your child is actively involved in sports (also competitively or competitively, e.g. in a football club), carefully check whether a possible injury during a match will be covered by basic insurance or whether it requires the policy to be extended with the appropriate option. It is also very important to check the list of sports that may be subject to exemptions.

Another important incident that may fall into the exclusion category is a fight during a break at school – here it may be important for the insurer whether your child was its ringleader or just defended itself against an attack.

The exemptions usually also include events resulting from the insured’s deliberate actions – such as self-mutilation, an attempted suicide, or an attempt to commit a crime. Compensation is also not expected if the accident occurs after the insured has consumed alcohol or drugs.


If you have any questions about school insurance, feel free to contact us. You can also find a lot of relevant information on our website nnw24.pl.


Code of Good Practice for accident insurance for school children and youth

When choosing accident insurance for a child, it is worth checking whether the broker and insurance company offering it comply with the provisions of the “Code of Good Practices for accident insurance for school children and youth” – this is a document created by the Polish Insurance Association, specifying high standards that should be met when creating and offering school insurance.

A proposal from Supra Brokers S.A. available at nnw24.pl and TU Uniqa S.A. is fully adapted to the requirements of the “Code of Good Practice …” – the full text of the document is available here.

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